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Special Message from President of UKANDU Missions for 2012


A new year is upon us.  2012 is just a couple of days away.

UKANDU Missions is in the Lord’s hands for guidance.

2011 was our 2o year anniversary and it was our least productive year.  Thank God for His mighty hand in our UKANDU MIDWEST group as they once again exceeded all expectations and dreams for work in God’s Kingdom. 

On our Central America mission field, we have not been able to assist or reach our sites in over a year.  Heart breaking and frustrating to say the very least.  Our children in Casa Hogar / Prayer Mountain still need our help.  Pastor Juan in Aretaga is faithfully leading his congregations in out reach mission work to Oxaca, Chihuahua and Saltillo with minimal aid from us.  Our mission site in Moriela is going strong, but we have not been able to help there at all in 2011.  Ray Angerman from Shalimar Florida has continued to be one of the singel sources of aid to our newest site in Xilitla.

We, the Board of UKANDU Missions, are in prayerful consideration for direction and leadership for the missions we have in field for 2012.  We entreat you to pray with us.

We have explored multiple ways to reach other sites in person.  For right now, the Lord is keeping those doors closed.  But your gifts and donations are still powerful means for you to support and extend these ministries of God.  Prayfully consider what you can give this year and next.  Then sit down with your family or friends to write out the check or make a collection to send.

Listen for the Lord, answer the call.

Mark Ziehr

UKANDU Missions


Greetings in the Name of Risen Lord. He is Risen Indeed!

Last year, UKANDU suffered through its worst year ever; with groups canceling, churches withdrawing their support and people holding back, concerned about their own personal futures in this downturn economy and fear of violence at the border.

The few groups that did travel to UKANDU Sites were overwhelmed with the joyous response they received from the folks in Mexico. The word had reached these communities that no one was coming and their hearts had fallen to new depths. So when these few groups did show up, the reception was greater than ever before. But my friends in Christ, things are not going to change in any of these mission outposts if we just sit back and don’t do something. There are still children needing help and I cannot get people there to play with them, or visit them. The state agencies are still asking if UKANDU Missions will be building new homes and I cannot raise the funds or the manpower to build. Our home supervisors are having to take on other outside work because we cannot pay them anything or offer them any money. There are churches giving up their plans to expand and establish new locations because I cannot get funds to them or groups there to labor side by side with them.

The reports out of Mexico and Central America predominately include people who are ensnarled in the drug trafficing from Central America into the United States of America. This great plague on our country is taking people away from the sites that are NOT in harm’s way, but are in the safe villages and rural areas that we all know and cherish. There is evil work afoot by Satan and his demons in these violent acts – and I WOULD NEVER ASK ANYONE TO GO IF THEY FEEL IT IS UNSAFE. I will not question that. What I cannot do is just stand by like last year and try to stem the tide of need without asking for your help.

Nothing happening on the border should not stop you from supporting those who are prayerfully answering the call to serve. They are calling on the Lord for protection as they travel across, and they are carefully going in through the protected routes set aside by UKANDU’s years of experience.

I call on you to give of your prayers. I call on you to contribute funds to help. I call on you to seek new mission sites through our other branch of UKANDU MIDWEST – right here in the US.

Simply put, after 19 years UKANDU and all our mission sites will not be here in the next coming years if we do not receive support from the hundreds of churches and thousands of participants who have served in each of these sites in the past. Spread the word. Tell the mission story. Ask for support. And then pass it on.

In Christ’s service with you

Mark Ziehr, President of UKANDU MIssions